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In Dependence

In Dependence – A tale of a Love Triangle

In Dependence is a freeform role-playing game for four players and a GM.

In Dependence is a freeform role-playing game about indecisiveness, infidelity and relationships. The game is set in an ordinary city or a town where a couple, the Betrayer and the Betrayed, live. Their relationship has faded thin, verging on collapse, but neither is ready to admit it. The situation changes suddenly when the Betrayer visits the Third Wheel, his/her ex, and the two discover that they still have feelings towards each other…

The game emphasizes dramatic conflict and character immersion. It uses a variety of game mechanics such as scenes and voices to achieve this. The game is designed for four players and a game master. The game is rather gender-neutral and can be played with any combination of sexes. The game includes mature themes and might be emotionally demanding for some players. Players who have personally experienced demanding relationships might find the game most satisfying as they can reflect and process their previous relationships through the game. The total game time is about 4 hours.