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Mikodine XA

Mikodine XA – A Live Action Game about a Revolutionary Drug
for Five to Eighteen players and a Game Master

Set in the modern-day office of Reyes & Shaw pharmaceutical company located at the heart of London, Mikodine XA is a game about the conflict between conscience and selfishness; supression vs. expression. Its innovative game mechanic draws inspiration from both musicals and improvisation theatre. Mikodine XA is also a political game promoting critical thinking about pharmaceuticals.

“This larp has it all – morals, politics, boardroom drama, voices in your head, ethical conondrums, slapping and clapping. The concept is polished, the presentation clear and detailed. The kinds of questions that occupy ethical philosophers and critics or employees of big pharma – but pretty much nobody else – are turned into drama and entertainment and then back into questions. “Mikodine XA” is for larp what “The West Wing” was for television.” We have only one question for the author(s): Where do we sign up?
Statement of the Jury of the Knutepunkt Larp-Writer Challenge 2013